I'm a London-based photographer, specialised in Architecture and Interiors.
I've always loved architecture and design, I possibly never miss an exhibition and I can't get out of a bookshop without at least one book or a magazine that has some kind of correlation to them.
Before studying photography, and deciding that was the career I wanted to pursue, I earned a Design Degree in Milan.
I've learnt how to create a photographic image in a technically correct way, but more importantly, I've learnt how to communicate something with photographs (projects, products or emotions).
In the specific case of Architecture and Interiors, the photographer needs to have a keen eye for details and be technically skilled in pre and post-production; it's important to recognise which are the best framing and angles and how to manage colours and either natural or artificial light.
I've learnt various techniques during my studies and by myself, following experts advice, keeping myself up to date and experimenting with what I felt it was the best way to deliver an enticing and clean result.
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